Thursday, September 10, 2015

Learn to Speak Spanish in Antigua

  Antigua, Spanish For Students and Volunteers

Spanish schools in Antigua Guatemala offer very effective methods for students to learn Spanish, primarily due to over 30 years of one-on-one teaching and practicing the popular method of total immersion method. Total immersion is when you have a private teacher, participate in afternoon Spanish-speaking activities and stay/eat with a local Guatemalan family. Selecting the right Spanish school can be a big challenge, as there are dozens of schools in Antigua. 

The Spanish schools in Antigua Guatemala offer a variety of methods to learn the Spanish language; students may also opt to study Spanish tailored for Traveling, Business, Medical and other areas of interest. Antigua has a strong tradition of teaching Spanish, the most popular and effective method is total immersion, which includes a personal teacher, participation in afternoon activities and a homestay with a Guatemalan family - enabling you to improve your Spanish while learning about the traditions and culture of this Latin American country.

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