Monday, August 24, 2015

Antigua Guatemala Cathedral

Saint Joseph Cathedral

St. Joseph Cathedral, located in Antigua Guatemala, has a rich history and superb architectural, this well-know landmark is one of the icons of the old capital of the former General Captaincy of Guatemala, the interior is impressive as well, the south side has remains of the original structure through the ruins, providing insight to the buildings' golden years in the middle of the 18th century, exceptional.

Saint Joseph Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church in the Antigua Guatemala, the original church was built around 1541, but it has suffered damage from numerous earthquakes throughout its history; the initial church building was demolished in 1669 and the cathedral was rebuilt and consecrated in 1680. By 1743 the cathedral was one of the largest in Central America, however, the devastating 1773 Guatemala earthquake caused extensive damag to much of the building, though the 2 towers at the front remained mostly intact and have undergone restoration work, the cathedral has since been partly rebuilt.

Saint Joseph Cathedral across from the central plaza in Antigua
St. Joseph Catheral Church